Vision (the world we want):     
A healthy, peaceful, equitable and sustainable world…

Mission (the contribution we make)

We invest in the power of relationships, constructive dialogue and the connections they generate to trigger problem solving and creative approaches required to achieve our vision.

The Why and the How of It:

The Whitman Institute is an independent foundation that is guided by the intent of our founder, Fred Whitman, to encourage and support processes and relationships that foster leadership, citizen engagement, and creative and critical thinking.
We employ an eclectic, interdisciplinary perspective to our funding portfolio to make the case that dialogue and relationship-building processes need to be explicitly valued and resourced in a wide range of contexts and settings for broad and deep social change to occur.
We strive to walk our talk through respectful, trusting relationships with grantees, funders, and others aligned with our mission.
We seek to work with other like-hearted organizations and leaders to effectively make the case within the philanthropic and public benefit sectors that dialogue and relationship building processes are a foundational part of building a more healthy, peaceful, equitable, and sustainable world.
We work to balance multi-year, unrestricted funding to organizational thought partners with targeted annual grants. This balance enables us to provide long term, predictable support while remaining responsive to emerging opportunities, particularly as they apply to convening and storytelling.
We believe the best use of our resources is to give more in a limited span of time rather than to preserve our endowment in perpetuity. Consequently, we will close our doors in 2022, with a vision of a philanthropic landscape where a growing number of funders support efforts to employ dialogue and relationship-building approaches both within their organizations and with their external partners.  

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