Our Values


Trust is the bedrock of all authentic relationships and collaborative partnerships. To build trust, we believe it’s essential to (1) create opportunities for vulnerability, mutual sharing, and support; and (2) demonstrate that you can be counted on – and doing so in a way that encourages relationship and interdependence.


We believe in the power of relationships to foster and sustain individual, organizational and social change.


We recognize that our society is rife with social, political, and economic inequities – including persistent institutional and cultural racism, sexism and xenophobia; a broken democratic system; and the growing wealth gap. We support a wide range of efforts to address inequity while also holding equity as a guiding principle in how we engage and partner with others.

Critical Thinking

Questioning assumptions, exploring diverse viewpoints and approaching problems and decisions from multiple perspectives are hallmarks of critical thinking – and requirements for navigating a world of rapid change, increasing complexity, and great uncertainty.


Learning to listen with empathy and curiosity, and engaging with respect—especially across difference—are the cornerstones of genuine dialogue. We believe conversations that encourage reflection, deepen understanding, and foster new perspectives matter – and serve as powerful vehicles for individual and collective social change.


As a grantmaker, we recognize and honor the hard work and deep commitment of those we support—it’s what moves us closer to fulfilling our mission. We also acknowledge how much we learn and grow from those we invest in – many of whom have shaped, and continue to shape, our strategies and aspirations.